Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh Yea, I'm Smart

One thing about myself that I've just kind of had to come to terms with is the fact that I do things that are just ridiculously, and irritatingly stupid. OK, stupid sounds harsh. I don't consider myself stupid but sometimes I do something and roll my eyes and mutter "stupid, stupid, stupid." See this post for a great example. Then this one for the follow up. Sometimes I really think my brain just isn't firing on all it's cylinders so to speak. Some call it mommy brain and I do attribute some of it to that, but the fact is I've always been just a teeeeeeensy bit flaky when it comes to paying attention to what I'm doing.

Last night I made dinner for the boys but I was really wanting Mexican food. What I really wanted was food from
Ted's but 1200 miles is a little extreme for dinner. Thought about Chipotle but didn't even want to drive 1/2 an hour, Don Pablos sounded good but that's 20 minutes away. So we decided to try this little place down the road (total mistake should have just gone to Chipotle) and as I generally do when I'm in the car I called a friend. I haven't talked to this friend in quite awhile as she just reentered the working world as a teacher's assistant in Arkansas. We got to talking and I passed my turn so I did a uturn and kept gabbing and gabbing about the kids, her new job, her friends in Arkansas and the next thing I knew I passed the turn AGAIN and had gotten back to my neighborhood. I was trying to go to a place 2 miles away. It was OK, because it's always fun to talk to an old friend, especially this one. But come on? Twice! Twice I missed the turn that is hard to miss at a major intersection and a red light. Yea, I'm smart!

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