Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yard Work, aka Keeping Ben out of the Street

Last night after dinner we decided to do some yard work. Kevin was trimming the bushes and I was pulling weeds out of the flower beds. You know, so we don't get any letters (we never did get a letter last time so perhaps I overreacted a little. Sorry HOA) Anyway, yard work. I always underestimate how helpful the big boys can be when they want to and if properly motivated. I've mentioned before that Kevin is the master of spin. I'm not kidding he can really convince a child that something they dislike is something they LOVE and make them think it's their idea. It's an art. He's also really good at inventing games that make mundane tasks that are BORING (or Bo-wing if you are Mark) fun! I guess it's the spoon full of sugar factor. An example, we were in GA last November visiting friends and that is where "calling all toys" was invented. We invaded our friends' home with our 4 boys adding to their 3 kids and were doing a quick pickup before bed and the kids were all just kind of standing there watching. So he says OK guys, "calling all toys, all toys to the toy room!" and miraculously they started picking up. So now calling all toys is our nightly drill. They love it. For the record he swears he didn't start it and credits Kydon and Shanna with dreaming it up. I 'm pretty sure it was him, though. Maybe Shanna can clear this up?

ANYWAY, yard work. He was trimming bushes and asked the boys to pick the trimmings up and carry them to the trashcan. He didn't just stop there. Let's play a game! Let's see who can get the most trimmings to the trash can. Eric became "Eric the Super Speedy" and Mark became "Mark the Strong." I don't know why I don't think of these things because it works magically. I don't know if I'm just boring and uncreative or if it's simply that I compartmentalize. Work is work, play is play. I do definitely incorporate his strategies but I just don't think of them on my own.

While the ultimate bush trimming competition was going on I was weeding the flower beds. The grass is encroaching upon the plants and I was brutally yanking it out. I would have been much more successful except my teeny tiny baby (yes I'm still in denial) has this magnetism to the road. He is fascinated and at every opportunity making a dash for it. Fortunately for me, he giggled maniacally every time he headed that direction. I'd hop up from my spot in the grass and run to catch him before he made it to the street. He ate a little dirt, sucked on a few rocks, and had a really fun time. There are still some weeds in the flower bed but my baby boy is in one piece, and that's what matters.


Shanna said...

I don't even remember 'calling all toys'. That had to be Kevin! Whenever we are around you guys, I just try to pay attention to try and remember all the tricks Kevin comes up with! You would have been proud on Fri- I promised the kids ice cream at Disney, then had to keep delaying for different reasons. Amazingly, I used the 'spin' and we avoided all meltdowns!

Rebecca said...

I was pretty sure it was him! Good job at Disney! I hope your trip was great!! Was the ride home ok?

Sue said...

Once, my hub had all the kids outside in the dark on a warm winter evening and the one who was a baby at the time (and wearing all navy blue clothing) CRAWLED RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET into the neighbor's yard!!! Hub didn't even notice until one of the other kids said "Look, Baby is across the street!!" First words out of his mouth, "Don't tell mom." (Which they so did.)

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