Monday, January 14, 2008


My baby boy is 11 months old today. It's no official milestone but it serves as a reminder to me that he is almost one... It's so fun to watch him grow and do new things but it is bittersweet to know that my last baby is quickly approaching his first birthday.

How do you make it rain?

Plan a trip to the zoo. It's either that or go to the zoo on their discount admission day... Some of Kevin's employees got together and got us a gift certificate for zoo membership for a year. I thought it was incredible and generous and amazing that they did, so yesterday we were going. Little did I know it was $5.00 day meaning everybody was at the zoo. My husband hates crowds. I could see the look in his eye when he saw the full parking lot. But he was a trooper and drove to overflow parking. We finally get into the zoo and of course it was crowded, a madhouse really. We did get to spend 30 minutes before it started to rain, and since we can go back whenever we want to it was no big deal... But the really amusing thing is that once before, months ago I decided we should go to the zoo on $5.00 day just to check it out and we drove down, and the crowds were double what they were yesterday and we debated what to do and that moment it started to rain... so is it us or the discounted admission that makes it rain? Maybe we'll find out next time we take a trip to the zoo.

Friday, January 11, 2008

My Birthday

Was wonderful! Totally fun! I played with the kids, took a nap, was spoiled by my hubby and had a babysitter to come in and watch the boys. We went out for sushi, then wandered around the mall. Talked, laughed and just enjoyed each other like it is so hard to do with the chaos of raising 4 boys. After the mall we went to Target (aren't we FUN?). It was so so so wonderful! Kudos to my hubby and my kids for making it one of the best days ever!

I just remembered that the very best feeling was when I could hear Mark and Eric in the living room and Ben was in his bed fussing. I threw on some clothes and when I walked out Mark said "Mommy it's Saturday, is it Saturday?" I told him it was and he SQUEALED with delight "that means it's your birthday mommy!!!" It was so fun to see him so excited about it being my special day.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year

I can't believe it is 2008. I will be 31 in (gulp)2 days, and I'm hanging on to 30 for every second that I can! My boys are doing great! Ben is almost one! Zack scared us to death yesterday and I am so so happy he is okay and so so grateful for all 4 of my happy healthy boys! I have to be the luckiest mommy ever!

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