Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You've Got to be Kidding Me

About 4 Zack started acting funny. About 4:10 he started acting insane. Screaming, clinging, totally irrational. Ok, maybe not that unusual for a two year old, but my mommy radar said something was off. After about 20 minutes of maniacal screaming, during which I tried with all my might to figure out what was wrong, he threw up. After having been fine since 10 PM on Friday. What's that about. Unfortunately, he did not stop screaming and suddenly started screaming about having to poop. And since he's had issues on that end, but not more throwing up.

I'm becoming a germophobe. This is ridiculous. We live in FL (I say this as if germs don't live here, ha!), it's SPRING for goodness sake? Why? Woe is me... really, really woe is me. So, yeah, I've pulled out the Purell (which was safely locked away lest anyone try to drink it) and making the kids use it often. And I'm using it after every icky diaper change, which has been quite often. I'm contemplating quitting the gym and pulling the kids out of school to avoid germs altogether. Okay, that last part isn't true but seriously... I'm DONE.

On the plus side... wait, I better not say it... no, I definitely won't say it!

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