Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Think I Got His Number

I may finally have figured out a way to curb Mark's tantrums and fits. I've been thinking at great lengths about what to do for his birthday. I don't really want to invite his whole class because, frankly it didn't work out so well with Eric's party. Then I didn't want E to be sad if Mark had a party and he didn't. But Mark would be devastated if he got no party. So, I was thinking we'd invite his one really good friend that we do stuff with and have him spend the night. I kind of mentioned it to his mom and she said it sounded fun.

So, on to today. Mark has been a true trial the last few days. Really, the last few weeks have been rough. We've been butting heads in a big way all over one basic question. Who's the boss? I'm pretty clear it's me, and he's certain it is him. The only problem here is that my dear, sweet child is wrong. I am the one in charge and I will assert my authority, only lately I feel that my authority is challenged on every.single.issue. He's FOUR! Fine, five in 11 days, but I was not prepared for this kind of attitude problems until the teen years. And I've said it before, he's smart. He's quite good at making me feel inadequate but I'll be damned if I'll let him see that. ANYWAY, so I've struggled at what tactic to use to get him under control.

Just today, I've been told I'm a mean momma, he called me NASTY momma (what? where'd you get that one dude?), I was screamed at to share my pen (um, yea, whatever). He threw a fit about this that and the other thing until I was seriously ready to scream. I might have screamed a few times. And then after being sent to his room one more time I sat him down. I told him my plans for his birthday. He jumped up and down with great enthusiasm! But then I told him to wait and listen to what I had to say next. I explained that boys who throw fits, and call their mommy mean names don't get to have sleepovers. I am fully willing to take this party off the table if need be. I think he knows that. I hate holding this over his head but time out doesn't work, taking away tv, etc doesn't work. Okay, it works until the next time I don't bend to his will. I fear this solution may not always work but tonight was nice. Do you know I didn't have to remind him one time to act nice? Not once did he get mad when he didn't get the exact thing he wanted at the exact moment he wanted. Not.even.once. did he aggravate his brothers. I got his number... for now. Until the sleepover is over. I am afraid in a week and a few days when the fun is all done we may revisit this. Maybe sooner, but I have hope that a quick reminder will spring him back to his wonderful self. He really is a good boy when he's not determined to be miserable. I hope I can keep this up when I don't have a sleepover to hold over his head. I hope.

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