Friday, April 25, 2008

In Case You Wondered

Mark does not corner the market on making me crazy. I know I gripe about him all the time, and the others less, but I think that is because I really worry about him getting into trouble if we don't quell the major attitude pronto. Of course, he is an angel at school and with every other adult on the planet. He saves his naughtiness for me (and to a lesser extent, his daddy.) Not that I'm complaining about that mind you. I'd much rather he be good at school and bad at home. But, you know if I realllllly had my way, he'd just lose the 'tude and be good all the time.

ANYWAY, that is not the purpose of the post. The point I want to make is they can all be a bit ornery in their own little ways. Let's start at the top. Eric, my sweet first born can be maddeningly "pokey slow." He is so distracted that simple tasks like getting dressed can take forever which is just beyond aggravating when trying to get ready to go somewhere. Getting dressed is a pretty important part of going to school you know. He is pretty inflexible too. That can drive a momma loony as well. Then there's Zack. He's pretty sweet. But he's 2. And he seems to be hitting those "terrible" twos kind of late. Today at preschool he threw a fit when it was time to leave. "NO momma, I stay. I play toys!" And then "LET GO OF ME," When I led him by the hand out the door. He runs away from me too, in places like the street. He's pretty crazy, actually. Ben, what can I say about Ben other than he is exhausting. Busy little bee, that one! Into EVERYTHING and quite vocal about not getting his way. At Story Time today we were doing craft time outside and he kept running for the parking lot. Then later he crawled into the bushes. I had to go in after him. Oh, and he knocked the water cups for rinsing paint brushes over TWICE.

Yes, they all drive me nuts, and yet I type this I can't help but smile. Because they are my boys. I love them so much and I'm so thankful for each one of their quirks and faults. So I can't just stop this post with what drives momma crazy. I need to say what their good traits are too.

Eric is so sweet and compassionate. He really wants to please. He is an awesome reader! And I can reason with him. That is amazing in and of itself! He is shy by nature, but he has overcome that so much this year and has friends at school.

Mark is intuitive. He can sense when you are sad or mad and he tries to help you feel better. He loves to help cook. He loves to fold towels and has even asked me to let him mop. (Which I totally let him!) He doesn't give up once he sets his mind to something.

Zack is a lover. He loves to hug and kiss and cuddle me. He tells me he "wuvs" me. When we pick Mark up from school he runs to Mark to hug him, and sometimes hugs some of the other kids too. He says bye to the teachers helping with drop off at Mark's school. That makes them smile.

Ben is so cute and I haven't quite pinned down all of his personality yet, but he is a happy go lucky kind of guy. When I pick them up after working out at the gym he runs to me with his arms up. He loves to explore and play and climb (which is fun even if it is exhausting.) He sleeps through the night!!!

Yes, they are some amazing kids. I am a lucky mom!

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