Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bed Time

Every night after we bathe kids, get them in jammies, say a prayer, and give hugs and kisses, I walk the boys upstairs and tuck them in. This usually is accompanied by requests for various stuffed animals, a drink, extra hugs and kisses. Usually I tuck Zack in first and by the time I get the others adequately tucked in and kissed he is up again wanting me to tuck him in again. Last night during this ritual (which I confess I often dread) my biggest boy warmed my heart. He hasn't slept with stuffed animals in quite awhile but I noticed he had two of his old time favorites in his bed with him. I smiled thinking that it was kind of cute how he situated them on either side of himself. Then he said "Momma, make sure to tuck in Tall Duck and Zacka Smacka too." I tucked in the boy, the duck, and the elephant. Then as I kissed his cheek he said "Momma, don't forget to give them a kiss too." Yes, I felt silly kissing stuffed animals, but I did it. I love that he still loves his stuffies, and I love that he is so so sweet. It made the whole nighttime routine worth it!

It's funny watching him grow up. He's just turned six. We finally were able to get rid of the pullups at night (like magic on his sixth birthday he started staying dry at night.) He is so big and yet still just a little kid. He loves to read and do big boy things but he still enjoys cuddling with stuffed animals. I love this age.

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