Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So, I Was a Little Behind on the Laundry

And by a little, I mean a lot. And by a lot I mean, come on people do we actually own this many clothes? Between me being sick, the kids being sick and various other things beyond my control I was very much beyond behind. We managed to get all the extra laundry done that occurs when a stomach bug hits a family of 6 and Kevin did some other laundry to help me out but none of it

got folded. To add to the utterly ridiculous amount of clothes to wash, dry and fold, I brilliantly went through every item of clothing in the house to get out summer stuff and put away too small stuff for the littles. Even though I'm sure I washed these items before putting them back I decided to wash them again anyway *just in case*. So, with no further ado... The mountain of laundry I've folded last night and today. Sitting there innocently waiting to be put away. Or shoved on the floor by some child, whichever comes first.
Oh and isn't Eric cute?


Anonymous said...

Hey that looks like my house! No, wait, my mountain of clothes are still waiting to be washed. And I don't even have a sick excuse!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a LOT of work! Good job getting it all done!! :) And I know all too well the pain of getting all done only to have the kids come and jump in it, play in it, and spread it all over the house.

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