Wednesday, September 29, 2010


For some reason I find myself unable to get people to call me back. These are people who I am trying to do business with, who I've left messages for, who should want my money, and yet..nothing.

Instance number one: I recieved a vague bill from our HOA for a "late charge" but it didn't say which payment was late, and I don't think I ever paid our dues or club fees late. If I did it was a matter of days, and since I'm fairly sure plenty of people don't pay them at all, I don't really want to pay this. It's only ten dollars but I want to make sure I owe it. So, I left a message last Friday,asking for more information. I haven't heard back.

Instance number two: Friday before last Kevin got sent from his regular checkup to the ER, because of a possible irregular heart rhythm. He checked out fine, but needs to see the cardiologist again for a stress test just to make sure. When they called, I passed on his cell number since his schedule is crazy lately, and I wasn't sure when a good time would be. They never called him, and they never called me back either.

Instance number three: I recently bought a Groupon for carpet cleaning and when I called to schedule it I got a voice mail. The message said they were booked out until November, which was disappointing, because I would like to get it done sooner. I left a message for them to call me to schedule. That's been 4 work days and I haven't heard anything. This is extra irritating because I've already spent the money on this. So, I need to call again and follow up.

Instance number four: Feeling overwhelmed, I decided that I would try a cleaning service that put an ad on my door. Just the one time, just to get caught up. I called yesterday afternoon, and left a message, and... you guessed it. No one called me back. So today, I cleaned my own darn house.

I'm starting to get a complex here. I know my phone is working... What's the deal?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sleep is Essential... Who Knew?

Sleep is key to the life equation.

The last several nights I haven't slept well. I seem to have developed a habit of waking up at 4 AM and worrying, and going over my to do list. And beating myself up over what I didn't do yesterday. All of that mental nonsense adds up to one more day of failure, and grumpiness, and exhaustion, and not getting those things done. In addition to that, no fewer than three of the kids woke up each night. So, between those things I have been very, very tired (and grumpy.)

Tuesday night, Kevin suggested I take one of his Ambien (I know...illicite drug sharing... shhh don't tell.) My first reaction was noooooooo. What if the kids wake up. What if I don't wake up.(I know, I'm ridiculous.) After assurance that Kevin would take care of any night time wakeups, and that I'd... you know... wake up... I took it.

I didn't fall asleep right away. I think my mind was somehow fighting the meds. Which is funny, since I'm typically a fall asleep when my head hits the pillow kind of girl. (Except the last few nights when I wake up.)

The night went like this. Almost fall asleep, pop eyes open. Repeat 3 times. Wake up the next morning when the alarm goes off. Now that's a night!

The funny thing is how good a day I had today. I was able to laugh even when Ben shaved a strip of his hair again. I was able to deal with after school stuff and even completed the "experiment" part of Mark's Science Fair project...

Sleep makes a big difference for sure!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My lunch packing in years past has been less than successful. When Eric was in Kindergarten I packed his lunch a few times and he really wanted to buy lunch from school, so we went that route.

When Mark joined him at the elementary school the following year, I started out packing lunches, at which point they began to complain that they didn't like sandwiches everyday and they wanted to buy at school.

Last year, our school moved to a late start time (9:40) so I thought that would be the year I could successfully send their lunches to school without mass chaos. I would have pleeeentty of time in the morning to be a little more creative and please the picky things. It went well for a while, until one day I discovered Mark's lunch bag completely full at the end of the day. I asked why he didn't eat it and he said he just decided he'd rather buy that day. Highly offended, I said fine! Buy your lunch... whatever. Cause I'm mature that way. Until I found out he was getting pb&j EVERY day. So, yeah, I can make pb & j at home for way less than 2 bucks a day. So we packed, for however long and we pretty much were on again off again like that for the rest of the school year.

This year, things are in a pretty good groove. We still start late enough to where I can figure out what to feed them. We do a good blend of sandwiches and leftovers; also sandwiches are no longer just plain awful. Yet, if we have a hectic day, or they want what's on the menu at school (Pizza Friday, anyone?) they buy it.

But, what I am really laughing my hardest about is Zack in the midst of all of this. He really likes taking his lunch to school. It's just... he forgets to actually take it with him to the lunch room. So, after reminding him myself a few times in the mornings to no avail, I ended up writing his teacher a note to please help him remember (if it's not too much trouble, of course!) She did, and he has actually eaten the lunch I've sent him the last two days. YAY! Only problem, is when I opened up his lunch bag to wash the reusable sectioned container I sent his lunch in he had thrown the container away. Kept the lid, though. We still have a little work to do.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things that have annoyed me today

Ben's inability to keep clothing on.

My boys' inability to play for 5 minutes without bickering or being grumpy.

Zachary having complete meltdowns when a simple "Oh, I don't like that" would suffice.

The fact that when I ask my children to put away the toys that they got out that they act as if I am causing them severe bodily harm. I refuse to put the stuff away though, so they will do it. (Or lose it I think)

Other random things best not to blog (nothing sinister, just involving other people's lives, so I don't want to post it.)

The lady in the car line at school.

Science fair projects that still need to be done.

Field trip paperwork needing to be filled out.

Countless chores that need to be done.

The pile of laundry that needs to be put away.

The list goes on and on.

I should add that I got very little sleep the last few nights, and I credit my general grumpy attitude and easily annoyed demeanor to that. I know a mommy that needs to go to bed early tonight!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's Like Watching Popsicles Melt

Actually, it is watching popsicles melt. Eric's Science Fair Project, that is. And the little kids, they just can't understand why we would waste perfectly good popsicles for the sake of determining which melts the fastest.

In fact, one of them just simply couldn't resist taking a lick of the red one, mid melting (during trial two) and knocked the top right off of it. Thus creating the need for trial two, take two.

Isn't science fun?

Thursday, September 16, 2010


--No matter how much time you have to get ready for school, you will fill up the time and still be rushing to get out the door on time.

--This holds true even if you are ready, say around 8:30, somehow it is still a hassle leaving by 9:15. This makes no logical sense, however it is true.

--When your youngest says cute things like "Mommy, I'm making you precious" (while "fixing my hair" aka ripping my hair out with his hands) or "Mommy, this wooks absowutewy very yummy" when you give him cottage cheese that he requested it makes your heart swell with love and wonder how you could ever be frustrated with him.

--Probably 2 minutes after he says these things he will do something to frustrate you.

--Sometimes you wonder if you would be a better mom if you didn't have FOUR kids.

--Sometimes you think your life would never be complete without every last one of those boys and so you feel insanely guilty for even thinking the previous thing.

--It breaks your heart when you kid lies to you. Even when you know all kids do it. People say that you get tougher and won't take it so personally some day. You totally don't believe them.

--You never knew how much you would appreciate silence.

--Boys are loud.

The end.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A few weeks ago Eric got glasses. It pains me that I've passed down my horrible eye sight gene to him (and who knows who else) but at least he looks totally handsome in his glasses.

Our lives are now full of the question "Eric, where are your glasses?" and chants of "On your face or in the case! On your face or in the case!" He looooves that! However, he is actually mostly pretty responsible with them, and we've only had to go back one time for an adjustment when apparently, they were on the floor at school, and a little girl sat and or stood on them. (Thus the chanting, you see.)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Obedience Training

I was talking to a friend yesterday and joked (kind of) that someone needs to make an obedience training class for three year olds. She said I should invent it and make some money off of it. I think I said "Yes, because I have so much success with my three year old." Sarcasm at its finest!

All my dreams of Ben reverting back to my sweet little bubby once school started are dashed. He's crazy as ever. From painting his toenails (I SWEAR I hide it every time and he finds it.every.time. To running out the front door, to chasing our poor bird all over the house. Thank goodness she can fly out of his reach. We can't forget the nakedness either. Go to the bathroom? Come out naked. As much as I remind him it is not necessary to remove all of his clothing to go potty. He is crazy. And driving me there quickly. Okay, so maybe I was already on my way, but my nerves are shot these days.

The worst is I've been through this phase 3 times and none of my tricks work with this one. He's his own person for sure! I need a new bag of magic I guess. For right now, though, I think I better go keep both eyes on the boy. And, get him dressed again, of course.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Right Now

This conversation is going on...

Zack: Mommy I like babies. They are cute and sweet and precious.
Me: I like babies too. They ARE precious.
Mark: Mom,if you like babies you could have another baby.
Zack: Yes, Mommy, I WISH you would have another baby.
Me: Mommy is all done having babies, guys. I love our family just like it is. Plus, babies are a lot of work, and I already have a lot of kids to take care of.
Mark: Well, MOM, you remember what a good helper I was with Ben.
Me: Yes, you were a good helper.
Mark: I know! You could wait until we are teenagers and then we'd be even more help. WE could take care of the baby.
Me: (Trying really hard not to laugh) OR you could wait until you are a grown up and get married and have your own babies.
Mark: Ok,fine!

Let's just be clear... no.more.babies.

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