Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not Your Average Laundry Post

Yesterday, I got caught in one of those cycles where I click through my blog reading random posts and laughing and remembering why I waste spend time typing out mundane and everyday things.  Because my family is awesome and stuff deserves to be remembered and I have the memory of a gnat and sometimes I read these things and think "Wow! I would never have thought about that again if I hadn't written about it."  There are those posts that amaze and warm my heart.   There are also those posts about laundry.  Quite a few of them actually.  Sometimes I'm behind on laundry... sometimes I'm caught up on laundry... sometimes it's  a picture of a whole lotta laundry I've folded.

I'm not sure why I post about laundry, except that it is a huge part of being a mom, particularly a mom to four grubby boys.  However, laundry is boring.

Except, like so many other things in a house full of boys, when it is hilarious.

Today, I was catching up on some chores, and was taking a bag of trash out to the giant, green trash can in the garage.  You have to go through the laundry room to get there, and I stepped in something slimy.  "Oh.MY.Gosh" I thought.  What on earth?  Well, then I noticed the bottle of detergent laying in the floor with the lid half off.  Still gooey and slimy, but at least it was soap and not... something else disgusting.  I wondered how it got there and was running several scenarios through my mind when I noticed that the laundry basket on TOP of the dryer that had previously been full of clean, folded clothes was now... empty.  However, there was a noticeable lack of clothes strewn about the floor like I would have expected in these circumstances. 

Then I remembered earlier how Ben had run out of the bathroom naked, telling me he needed new clothes (who says girls are the only ones who change 5 times a day?) and then I remembered how much he likes to help me do the laundry.  I opened the washing machine. Bingo.. full of clean, dry clothing.

So, now the clothes are refolded, and the laundry room floor is remarkably clean. I'm still laughing!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5K Update

Saturday was the Spring Sprint for Autism and it was held literally 1 mile from my house. It was sponsored by the kids' school along with USF and a local running store.  I was excited to go run and support the cause. 

My lack of speed remains frustrating for me, and I knew starting out that I wasn't running as quickly as I usually do (which is pretty slow to begin with.) I tried not to worry about it and decided to let it go. About 4 kilometers in I got sort of focussed on finishing strong and wanted to ramp it up a little bit. Before I got a chance to do that though, I got a little too far to the right on the road and my foot rolled down the little inch drop off that was there. I have a lovely scrape over most of my left shin.  A nice man helped me get to my feet and I decided to keep running.  I was able to finish the race, and got back in time to run the 1 mile fun run with the kids. My 5 K time was 37 minute 13 seconds. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.  But I guess that gives me a goal to shoot for next time.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well that was fast...

For the first time ever we have a deductible to go along with our health insurance.  There is no longer a no deductible option. Also, we get to pay a higher premium for it.  Woo hoo!  At any rate, it's a fairly low deductible and I still feel very fortunate to have health insurance and Kevin has a great job and all that, so I don't complain (much.) Anyway... the other day I was commenting how we haven't even been to the doctor yet this year!  In fact, March 2nd was the first time for Ben's four year appointment.  At that appointment we discussed getting him tested for food and environmental allergies due to his ongoing eczema.  I'm adding up dollar signs in my mind and thinking we are probably already half way to that deductible being met. Then I suspected I might have pinkeye, so I visited my doctor. (Nope, just allergies, and my sinuses are still completely inflamed... so keep using the Flonase.)  Next Zachary started showing signs of pinkeye, so I took him to Urgent Care on Sunday and he got put on eye meds and oral antibiotics. 

We won't get the bills until later, but I'm pretty sure we'll hit $750.00.  All in four little days.  That must be some sort of record!

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