Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Menu

Tonight as I tucked my sweet guys in, I asked them what they wanted to make sure we had for Thanksgiving. Ben wasn't sure. I think because he wasn't sure what I was talking about. So I asked him a list of traditional Thanksgiving Menu items and he decided his must have was pumpkin pie.  Eric, immediately said he really just absolutely had to have sweet potatoes WITH marshmallows.  Zachary hesitated when I asked him. He said it was just really hard to decide. I told him he didn't have to decide right away, but could tell me later. His eyes lit up and told me what he'd really like to have is PICKLED BEETS.  Now, I'm pretty sure that isn't traditional Thanksgiving food.  Nor have I ever made it for the holiday.  However, it is on the menu.  The boy does like his beets (who IS this kid?)  Mark's must  have is cranberry sauce. The kind in the can.  Jellied please, no actual berries.  Kevin requested both the can and the kind I make. Probably because the can is better, but he wants to make me feel good about the homemade sauce I make.

You want to know what I'm thankful for?  All of those guys up there.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's Play a Game

The game is called "Let's see how many times I can go to the boys' school in one day."  I need to work on that title, because it's a mouthful.  This is how it goes.  It seems like I am spending a ton of time at the kids' school. Which is awesome, actually because I am so happy there! I love our school, and the boys' teachers, administration, curriculum... every single detail puts me in a happy place. Sometimes, the driving back and forth gets frustrating though. It's not even very far, I'm just spoiled.  So, this week in the running are:

Monday - Morning drop off, stayed for Character Parade.
                Went to read with Mark & Zack*, stayed to volunteer for Mark's class party.
Tuesday - Morning drop off.
                Back in the afternoon for the Make N Take activity for the Science Fair Project (thanks to the
                parents who spent hours die cutting letters to make this happen. Eric and Mark's backboards are
                looking great and it was MUCH easier than last year when we did it on our own.)
Wed.     - Drop off Eric and Mark for chorus
                Take Zachary to school at the regular time.
                Realize I totally forgot it was Mark's chorus field trip day, and he was supposed to bring a
                bagged lunch. Quickly race back to school to bring him a lunch so that he won't a. starve during
                the FL. orchestra concert and b. be fuming mad at me when he gets home. Most likely he could
                have just bought a bagged lunch from school, but I wasn't 100% sure, so I did it (btw, could I
                PLEASE get my head on straight? I feel like a lunatic lately with the forgetfulness - and I DO write
                stuff down.
                Later today, after dropping off Ben, I will go to school to eat lunch with Eric and volunteer for
                Mark's class. Probably drop by Zack's class to see if they need any help.

Now that I write it all out, it doesn't seem all that much. Monday and Tuesday were just 2 trips. Today, the extra trip was my own fault for being a basket case. AND I'm insanely fortunate that I carpool and my friend picks up in the afternoons. Shutting up now!

*lest you think poor Eric was left out, I went to read with him for literacy day as well, however he opted to watch Charlie Brown with his other classmates.  It was fine.  Really. I don't feel slighted at all (really, I think it's pretty funny and awesome that he's getting so big and independent.)

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