Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fast Forward?

Huh.... I just wrote a really long post about the kids being sick & fussy and some of them just fussy and me being worn out, defeated and tired (wait that's the same as worn out.) Anyway, it was a decent post (maybe a teensy bit whiny) and Zack was on my lap. That was in there too. Somehow the turkey deleted it and I started typing this only to remember that blogger autosaves entries but it was too late because it has already autosaved THIS nonsense. So basically the gist of the post was that I really want to fast forward to bedtime so I can have some shred of sanity left by the end of the day, and while I'm asking for impossible things could I please have one night with no kids in my bed (since last night I had two kids in my bed.... that was in there too.)



Shanna said...

The problem is, if you could FF to bedtime, when would you *not* use it? LOL. Sometimes it is nice to be forced to spend time! LOL But the option would be nice....

Rebecca said...

That is true! LOL I would probably never do it but you know how it is when you are getting screamed at by a crazy 2 year old all day (and you have 2 of them lol)

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