Monday, April 28, 2008


Please bear with me because this post is solely for my benefit (I mean, feel free to read it but it's not going to be all that interesting.) I am going to work really hard today and try to clean the whole house. It's been too long since I've really buckled down and cleaned really good in certain places (read playroom and bedrooms.) And true to form, we trashed the place this weekend. So, in my attempt to be more organized and a better housekeeper in general today is the day to get down to business and Can I clean the entire house in one day amid school drop offs, pick ups, and crazy little boy demands? Not to mention the distraction of the computer? It remains to be seen. I've done it before. So, I'm going to post my to do list here and then later cross off what I've done. I'm putting it out there for the whole internet (ok, only those who actually read my blog) in the hopes that it will properly motivate me to just do it. So the list.

Gather Laundry, sort it and keep doing it until it's done.
Dining room - wipe down table, china cabinet, vacuum
Wipe down the front door (finger prints)
Formal LR - vacuum & dust
Kitchen - dishes, countertops, sweep & mop
Family room - pick up toys and various other junk & vacuum, wipe down tables
Master bedroom - pick up and vacuum
Master bath
Hall bath
vacuum stairs
strip all beds & launder bedding
Clean Eric's room
Mark's room
Zack's room
Upstairs bathrooms
Spot clean upstairs carpets
Remake beds
Resort & put away clothes the boys dumped out of our winter clothes bins last week

So, that's my list today :) I really don't expect to get it all done, but maybe... and I'll try to come back and update the list a few times today in case you are waiting with baited breath to see how I'm doing. (ha!) So, I'm off to send the bigs off to school so I can get started!


Anonymous said...

Hey!! You are doing great- keep up the good work. I will check back later and see if any more are clicked off! :)

kathy presley said...

I love you,

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