Monday, June 11, 2007

What is a Momma to do????

Sigh. So it's nearing the end of naptime and I hear lots of giggles from Zachary's room. I'm okay with that as it was buying me some much needed quiet time so I let them play. It started sounding a little too fun so I went to check and... da da da dummmmm.... I walk in to this scene. Clothes & bedding piled into Zachary's crib with the little man himself standing on the pile.

But how could I be mad at the little guys when they are soooo cute.

Fun fun fun!!

We had the best weekend! Our friends were down from Atlanta & doing Disney and the whole bit so we got to meet up with them on Friday. FUN. & 7 kids 5 and under between us & everyone survived! We went to the Children's Museum in Lakeland & the kids ran (Shanna and I let the daddys chase 'em while we caught up) and then attempted to make it to the Shuttle Launch at the coast. Unfortunately noone really realized it was RUSH HOUR and it took us 2 hours to get 1/2 way there. By that time Benjamin was freaking out and the other boys were just DONE being in the car. I assume it was the same scenario in the other vehicle. So, we stopped 50 miles short of Titusville (where we intended to view the launch) and ate dinner at Cracker Barrel. So, after eating with a party of 12, 7 of which being kids (I'm SURE they fought over who HAD to take our table) Shanna, Lisa (Shanna's sister) and I took the kiddies outside to run a minute before getting back in the car & we saw the shuttle. The poor dads missed it. They were the most excited to see it too. Poor daddies stuck inside paying the dinner bill. I really felt bad but it was also funny in a twisted sort of way... So then we went back to their hotel, swam and left to go home. It was so fun! Always good seeing friends, especially these guys in particular.

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