Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh My... Part 2

So, where was I? Oh yes, McDonald's to reward terrible behavior. Brilliant parenting, no? Ok, the real reason was that there was NO way I was going home and cooking after that experience. So Happy Meals all around. If only it had made them happy. No luck there. I even let them eat outside on the play fort but somehow even that was not enough to alter the ever increasing crabbiness of my kids. Kevin walked in to Zachary screaming because I wouldn't make his Happy Meal toy sing for him, never mind the fact I had already showed him 1,067 times how to do it. Ben was crying, having finished his dinner. I put him to bed and Kevin dealt with the big boys by sending them to the tub, and tried to help Zack with the whole screaming thing. It didn't work out so well so Zack got sent to bed too. This was all at 6:15. Normal bedtime is at 7. Things seemed to be going fairly well so I headed out to get Ben's other prescription and dinner for Kevin and I. BLISS. Then I got home and Ben and Zack were both screaming their fool heads off and Kevin was trying to help them. The next half hour or so consisted of one or both of us running back upstairs to put somebody back in bed. Eric and Mark were in on the ridiculousness by going into one anothers rooms despite being told A LOT to go.to.bed. Then I did something I've never done (I'm so bad.) I told Kevin if he needed to leave he could. He had, after all, been dealing with this alone for quite some time while I was gone. And I was feeling strangely detached calm considering the screamfest happening upstairs. So, hubby went for a bike ride (I did this last night, 6 ish miles and felt really good after!) and I put Zack back to bed a hundred thousand times and blogged a little ignoring the zillion other things I should be doing.

Now they are asleep and life is good. The end. Until tomorrow which neeeeeds to be better. Please?

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Thrift Store Mama said...

I think detaching is a fabulous coping skill when the kids are being crazy. Well, as long as you're detaching but being calm, not detaching while beating them or something. When my 2 y.o. is being crazy, I detach and pretend to be June Cleaver - it helps me calm down which helps her calm down too.

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