Friday, May 6, 2011

Vanity is...

...waking up at 5 AM wide awake, thinking briefly about going on a run, and then opting not too despite being WIDE awake with no prospects of going back to sleep because you got your hair cut the previous day and knowing it would still look pretty awesome even after sleeping, not wanting to mess it up by sweating, thus having to wash and blow dry it.  Oh the horror! (And that sentence is a monstrosity all on it's own.  Excuse the massive run on sentence, please!)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A gift

For Christmas, Ben got a set of lacing beads. I was going for toys to build fine motor skills since two of my four have struggled in that area. Zack made me a necklace with them and was so proud I graciously put it in my room to collect dust accepted it. Several times I've tried to slip it into the "take upstairs and put away" pile, but each time my boy removes it and reminds me that he made it for me. Just yesterday, I tried one more time to put it away, met with the same answer. As I was straightening my room today I ran across it and thought about slpping it into Ben's room, and smiled that for five months, Zack has insisted on me keeping this gift. I'm wearing it as I type this. And the love it represents makes me the happiest mom in the world. It took long enough for it to sink in.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Home Improvement

Every now and then I just get the urge to paint something whether it really needs it or not.  This wall was really perfectly fine. 

I just decided I wanted it to be...

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