Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm finding myself feeling unsettled and anxious. 

Kevin leaves today for North Carolina.  He and his friend are participating in a 100 mile expedition style race on his boat. I have been supportive of this from day one. It's a great hobby, good for his stress level, and... well it's just kind of cool... but all of a sudden I am anxious that something will happen... I have been assured that nothing is going to happen. I will calm myself by saying that all of the things have already happened. They got caught in a lightning storm a month ago. The week after that, his mast broke. So, everything is in tip top shape, and ready to go. I told him he had to come home safely, and he usually does what I ask him to, so there's that :)

Totally unrelated, but lending to my overall anxiety level... I have to write an essay for my ethics class. I have plenty of time, I just haven't had to write for a grade in... a really long time.  I don't really even know how to start. I'm sure, in the end, it'll get done.  This school stuff is surely making me stretch myself. I love it, when it's not giving me panic attacks!

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