Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update on the Pink Carpet

I just realized I never updated on the pink carpet. Well, that's because it's still pink. I was able to make some good progress and managed to get it to a light pink rather than RED but the fact is it's still noticeably pink. The iron and dawn trick worked pretty well and then when I got bored with that (it's slow) I doused it with OxiClean water (that I boiled, I am trying everything) and then ran the carpet cleaner over it and that really did lighten it up. I'm afraid to do that too much for fear of bleaching the carpet and having a different problem altogether. I do plan to put OxiClean in the carpet cleaner the next few times I shampoo the carpet. Which, let's face it, is going to be soon.

I realized a few days after the Kool Aid powder incident that my mistake was getting the spot wet first. It spread like crazy the first time I shampooed it. I think if I'd have used the mighty Dyson first I would have had better luck (or at least be dealing with a smaller area of pink.)

The thing that aggravates me most about this whole thing is we don't even drink Kool Aid. Ever. That particular packet (well the 2 of them) have been in my pantry for several years. I'm not sure why I even bought them. But it is done, so I will deal with it. Kevin can't see the spot which blows my mind because it stands out like crazy to me. I am chalking that up to his color blindness and (I guess) happy it doesn't bother him as much as it does me. I'm not quitting yet though! I plan on getting the iron back out when Ben naps today to see if I can get some more progress. Maybe someday I will get this to the point of being satisfied with it. I'm afraid that won't happen until the carpet is white which I fear is pretty much impossible at this point.

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