Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know that koolaid mix when sprinkled across the newly mopped kitchen floor dissolves into a cherry and grape flavored mess? Did you know that before koolaid powder cleans up it spreads like crazy? Did you know the cherry spreads way worse than the grape? Did you know how many times it takes to mop it before it is clean? (the answer is a lot!) Did you know that it only takes 1 minute of a distracted momma (phone call) to have such a disaster occur? Did you know that 2 packets of koolaid mix can cover an entire kitchen floor? Did you know that it also will cover the two year old who created this catastrophe? Did you know that such a mess can turn a fairly calm, happy momma into an eye twitching, hands shaking, cleaning maniac? Did you know that the same momma would want to cry when she discovered red koolaid powder on her carpet? Did you know that the kitchen floor cleaned up fine? Did you know that the carpet still has a light pink tint? Did you know this makes me CRAZY?

If anyone knows how to get cherry koolaid out of carpet PLEASE comment! I'm begging!!!


Welcome! said...

Oh my GOSH!!! I'm SO glad I don't know any of those things!! (Yet, anyway). Ugh. I don't really know about the carpet... you have probably tried the usual things of renting a little cleaner. SORRY!!

Shanna said...

Hey Rebecca! This is actually Kydon. I really laughed when I saw this post. Its so funny and I can totally relate. Thanks for sharing your life. I miss you all, but look forward to getting together later in the year.

Have fun in NY. Lucky you! --> I hope this doesn't give Shanna any ideas...

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