Monday, March 31, 2008

So Much to Say

I have so much I want to post here today that it is all kind of running through my head in a jumble and I can't seem to straighten it out enough to get it into a post. We did have a fabulous weekend and I have some pictures to share so maybe I'll start there.

Sunday was haircut day and Kevin took the clippers to them all (even Ben!) I love haircut day. They look so cute! I am not the best photographer in the world. I might be the worst. I thought I had everyone in the picture. Poor Eric got cut out partially. Oh and I snapped him with his fingers going into his mouth.EW. Unfortunately, this is something he does lately and the other 16 pictures I took of this pose have a variation of that look. I am posting this picture because as often happens in families with lots of kids they were DONE and this was as good as it got. Hey, four out of four looking at the camera AND smiling with only one looking goofy... I call that a win!

I was hoping to get more pictures on but now I have to go pack lunches and get the older two to school.

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