Monday, March 10, 2008

Shoe Shopping

I love shoes! It is bonus time at Kevin's work (yay!) so we each have a certain amount we set to spend on ourselves & be responsible with the bulk of it. So I set out to buy shoes. It really may seem boring but it's so fun for me. Or it should be. It has been so hard to find the perfect pair. I like cute shoes and I'm trying to look a little more stylish these days. As much as I can and still have the practicality I need for my "job". I like a bit of a heel to give me a little boost in the height department, but I do not want the heel to be so high that I twist my ankle and end up in a useless pile on the floor. I love the look of the higher heels and the almost not even there shoes. Again, I would wind up on the floor. I need some cute, stylish, kid chasing shoes. I did buy these (in black) yesterday. I do love them and I think they are fun and still a little bit practical. They are totally flat which is unusual for me, but they were too cute to resist. Today I continued my shoe shopping mission and found a pair (in brown) at Kohl's that I liked. They fit all of my criteria for the brown sandals I wanted. A little heal, fun and strappy, and I think I'll be able to walk in them. So I think my quest for shoes is over for now. 3 hours to find 2 pairs of shoes seems insane to me, but I guess it is a worthwhile cause.


Sue said...

ahhh... NICE shoes! Love them both!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Sue! I laughed at your blog when you said "Next time I'm going shoe shopping" since that's what I've been doing :)

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