Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bike riding

We went bike (and scooter) riding yesterday. Up until recently I was able to carry Ben in the sling, push Zack on his little trike and keep up with the big boys (mostly) while we rode all around the neighborhood. Um, not so much anymore. They are either getting faster or I'm getting weaker/slower. Ben is a handful in the sling now and he likes to kick me in the back in the baby backpack we have for hiking. Both of which make pushing Zack difficult. Also making the push trike difficult is the fact that Zack turns the handles so I'm forever correcting and trying to keep him out of the grass. So I didn't feel like fighting with this yesterday, but we still needed some outside time. SO I let them ride on the sidewalk, around the cul de sac, then across the street (eek... don't worry I was watching like a hawk and they had to stop, look for cars, and then cross.) It was fun! I still want to be able to take them further distances so I ordered a bike and a trailer (for the babies to ride in) so I can keep up with the big ones and get a little exercise in myself. In case you are wondering what in the world Mark is wearing, that is his "super cape" and he insisted he wear it bike riding. Eric chose to ride his scooter this time, and then he got irritated that Mark was faster on the bike so he switched back and forth.
Ben found it deliriously funny to push Zack on his little trike (Zack found it funny too.) I really should have videoed this...they were both giggling like crazy. It was cute. Try as I might Zack will not push the pedals on the trike if I'm not pushing him. He pushes while I'm pushing. If I stop so does he. I hope he will settle for riding in the trailer when I get the bike. He's pretty anti riding in the stroller these days and will say "noooooooo, my ride me BIKE!!"


Anonymous said...

Y'all are going to have so much fun riding together!!!

Sue said...

How cute is that picture of Ben pushing Zack????

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