Friday, March 21, 2008

Why Chocolate?

Why does every major holiday have to center around eating chocolate and in general pigging out? Not that I don't like chocolate. In fact, I like it a little (lot) too much. Right now I have a bag of Hersheys Miniatures in the pantry calling my name (be quiet little candy bars it's 8:00 a.m.) Besides being a diet disaster, it causes other problems. My children (who have inherited my love for chocolate) obsess over it. Every five minutes I get "Mooooommmmmmmmy can I have a candy?" Who can blame them? I tend to obsess over it too when it's around. Zack is without a doubt my most chocolate obsessed child. He is driven to find my hiding place, climb up to the highest heights and devour what he can before mommy figures out what's going on and puts a stop to the madness. So I have rotating hiding places and try to limit it to a few pieces a day. And I try not to let loose and release my inner chocoholic.

I'm trying to eat well, cut the junk and lose weight. I'm doing ok. I'm exercising like crazy but the food is slowing me down. Because I think like this. It starts at Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving we give thanks and eat. And eat. And then we eat more. That's the purpose right? Then of course Christmas and the month between the two is riddled with treats and parties and FOOD. So I decide after Christmas I'll eat great. No more excuses. But wait... then it's my birthday. I can't diet on my birthday. So, Jan. 6 we get it together lady. No more junk on Jan. 6. Which is fine until February when everyone sends candy for Valentines Day. Which they should. After all, candy is a huge part of Valentine's Day. You can't miss the entire aisle of pink wrapped candy in every store. I'll be good after Valentine's Day. Wait, what's that? Easter's early this year? Well, it's just Easter.. there's going to be candy. I'll eat what I want until Easter and then I'll get on it. But then it's going to be Eric's birthday and there will be cake. I have to eat cake on my first born's birthday, right. Then Mark's birthday, July 4th, Zack's birthday, then Kevin. Then Halloween and then we start the Thanksgiving, Christmas mania again. Almost every month has a diet saboteur lurking. If I could limit it to the DAY of the holiday it wouldn't be so bad but it is so hard to get back on track after the fact that sometimes the holiday bad eating just blurs together into a never ending eatfest. So since the fact that holidays and treats and good food just go together I just have to find a way to resist. A way to cover my ears when the candy bars are calling me. Or have just one like I'm trying to teach my kids to do.


Sue said...

Oooh, I hear ya. I do great in the summer, but come Halloween, it's a downward slide all the way until Easter. I try not to open the packages (of chocolate) until the night before the holiday. Then I throw out whatever is left the next morning. Wasteful, I know, but I with chocolate in the house.

At least you are exercising, which is great. I need to fit that in somehow!

Adam and Lisa said...

I can totally relate! Try being a teacher and getting 8-10 boxes of chocolates/treats for Christmas, Valentines, Teacher Appreciation Day, Easter, etc. Let's just say about half of those don't even make it home. Not to mention that every student (past and present) brings me a piece of their birthday treat. At least I get summers off!

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