Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Town

When we bought this house I knew I was moving to a small(ish) town. Immediately outside my neighborhood there is nothing. It's just a field and way more wide open spaces than I'm used to. A lot of people would love it. I sit there and dream of what the future holds. I have to confess I'm not a small town girl and I'm not a live out in the sticks kind of girl. When I exit my neighborhood I feel like I'm out in the middle of nowhere or out in the country. Don't feel too bad for me. I'm really quite over dramatic about it and embarrassed to say Super Target is only 3 miles away. Yet I still complain. In our last neighborhood I could walk to several stores. Not that I did it that often. But I could. Even the stores that we do have (except Target) are older and kind of small. Not bad, just not what I'm used to. There is progress, though! They are building a Publix right at the end of the neighborhood! This is the kind of stuff I get thrilled over. According to rumor, there is a lot planned for our little town so in a year or so I'll be complaining about the traffic instead of the wide open spaces. (It's just human nature, right? To want what you don't have and then when you get it complain about it? Or is it just me? Don't answer that!) I really can't wait to watch the stuff progress and before I know it there will be a grocery store right on the corner! This is fun to me!

Another interesting thing about my town that I discovered while googling "things to do in" my town is it is (are you ready because this is good) it is the nudist capitol of the WORLD. It cracks me up. They aren't on our side of town (obviously, we just have fields) but there are quite a few nudists resorts around. They are discreet but it really cracks me up. You can't google the name of my town without getting some results about Caliente CLothing Optional Resort. I've seen road signs "this street adopted by so and so nudist club, and the kicker... last night as I was driving down the road a local pizza place announced on their sign "Nudists welcome." I guess it is just so different from what I am used to that I can't help be silly and giggle about it. It's not as if you see people walking down the road naked. I just never really thought about such places and certainly didn't expect to find them just a few miles down the road.

Despite the wide open spaces and the nudist resorts I really do love it here. The part of town I live in is up and coming. I get to watch it grow and develop and that excites me! The school Eric goes to is awesome and the people I have me are so very nice! I'll still complain that I have to drive SO far to get anywhere (although I think I'm getting used to it) but I love my house and my neighborhood and I'm really starting to love this town. Just don't expect me to be visiting the nudist resort anytime soon!

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