Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Last night Ben had a super tough time going to sleep. He just wouldn't quit crying and after about 10 minutes I couldn't take it and went up to help. The scene I walked into was just too sweet! Eric was singing to Ben, trying to help him stop crying. Eric looked up and said "mommy, it's ok, I'm singing him a lullaby." I told him he could keep singing if he wanted. He went on to sing a sweet little song that I didn't recognize and I asked him where he learned it. He told me he just made it up! What a great big brother! I don't remember the words to the song, only that it sounded so nice and I was very impressed! I am hoping that later today he will remember some of what he sang so I can get it written down somewhere!


Sue said...

That is so.incredibly.sweet!!!

Justin & Angie Kimbro said...

OMG - that is the sweetest thing ever! What a great great big brother!

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