Thursday, March 6, 2008


Today was a doozy!! Mr. I Haven't Taken a Sick Day Since 2005 woke up sick and decided to stay home. Actually, he decided to work from home which kinda sent me into a tailspin wondering how in the world I would keep it quiet enough for him to get any work done with children home. I figured once the big ones were at school I could distract the little ones enough for him to get some work done.The day didn't start well. Eric and Mark were doing anything but getting ready for school despite my efforts to keep them on task. I also was trying to get online to find a doctor for myself since I'm still sick (let's just say since Monday even though I know it's been longer) and my ears are still clogged. They wouldn't adjust to pressure on the flight home and I still have that feeling like there is cotton jammed in my ears. Lovely. I never accomplished that task and decided I really didn't want to go to the doctor anyway. I was packing lunches and discovered Eric left his lunch bag at school. Again. So I told him he was going to have to buy a lunch today. He said "I hope they have pizza." I said "no" and told him what was on the menu. He wasn't crazy about it but that's the deal. Maybe next time he'll remember his lunch bag. Maybe.I got both Eric and Mark to school and came home. Kevin decided we should go to the mall to look for a new watch. His broke. In case you are wondering, he really is sick. My husband just doesn't know how to take it easy. The mall was fantastic with only two kids both in the stroller and it was so easy! We found a watch (not an easy task - not only is Kevin allergic to stainless steel he is also very, extremely, excruciatingly picky when it comes to watches.) By then I was feeling pretty bad so we headed home and on the way took advantage of the 2 kid situation and had lunch at Chilis! That was great! One kid for each parent!So, that concludes the fun and easy portion of the day. We went to get Mark who the second he saw me stomped over clenching his fist and said through gritted teeth (well what teeth he has left) "I'm going to miss the celebration." I of course had no idea what on earth he might be talking about as it was time to go home. I told him to relax and let's talk about it in the car and he stood his ground. Wouldn't budge. I scooped him up to which he smiled and said "thanks mom." On the way to the car I got him to clear up this celebration business. He explained, "they said at the end of school we are having a graduation celebration." OK, I get it now. I reassured him that they meant at the end of school for the year, not the end of school today. He gets in the car and bursts into tears, I assume more on missing celebrations, but alas, discover it is over the Auntie Anns cups that are in the car. Yes, we dared to get Zack a pretzel at the mall. Mark hates missing out. I didn't even think about the evidence we were bringing along.Things were fairly calm. I went to go get Eric and discovered to my horror that he didn't like what they were having in the cafeteria for lunch so he ate the leftovers (ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww) out of his lunch bag from yesterday. I explained to him to never EVER do this. Day old turkey and cheese sandwich is just not right. He still doesn't get it even though I've told him repeatedly we don't eat things that have been sitting out. So far no signs of illness though so he may be ok. (Please, I don't need food poisoning).So pretty much things were normal up until this point. With four boys I expect a certain level of craziness and drama on any given day. And then everyone lost their mind. We heard more fussing and screaming and whining and complaining than I remember ever hearing. And it was all of them. At once. It was bad. Usually if Kevin is home the dinner hour goes better but even with us both home it was rough. So after dinner they all got in the tub and we put them to 6:10. Thankfully none of them tell time yet (or if they can they don't) and we got away with it. So now it is blissfully quiet. Kevin is doing some woodworking in the garage and I am obviously here and it is perfect.

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