Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New York City Part Two

After Serendipity we headed back to the hotel and hung out in one of the rooms and I stayed up until 3 am. Yes me, the one that crashes on the couch if I'm up much later than 10, stayed up until 3. I can't even remember the last time I was up at that hour willingly. It was fun! Then I got to sleep in until 8:30. I wanted to sleep later but I just couldn't so I got up. We went and got bagels and tried to make a plan for the day. We ended up just hanging around the hotel for an hour or so waiting for everyone to be ready for checkout. We then stored our bags at the hotel and went off again and walked around a little. Pretty soon it was lunch time and we ate at Juniors to get lunch and cheesecake. I didn't have cheesecake, but the others said it was so creamy and good. Later I was kicking myself because cheesecake is one of those foods you are SUPPOSED to eat in New York. I just wasn't thinking. Mostly everyone else headed for the airport and my friend Brandy and I took a cab to 5th Ave. (Brandy is the best at hailing a cab!) We walked around, went into Tiffany's (whoa!! They have 4 floors of shopping. We only saw one but it was enough. Everything was beautiful but I don't even want to think about how much it costs! Then on to FAO Schwartz which was fun! The boys would love that store! Tons of toys including hugely ginormous stuffed animals such as this one. It was pretty cool!

As we walked we saw St. Patrick's Cathedral and noticed some people wander in. We wanted to see so we followed. I was kind of surprised to see they were having mass. It was beautiful but it was uncomfortable to me that they were having mass. Like I really shouldn't be there standing in the back staring at their beautiful building right then. The back was full though and people were taking pictures. I'm not even Catholic but I found that very disrespectful. Brandy felt the same and we didn't linger. It was a really amazing thing to see! Another cab ride later and we were back at the hotel to get our luggage and off to the airport.

So that's the end (unless you want to hear about the exciting wait in the airport and flight home?? Anyone? ) of my NYC experience. I had a blast and will have to go back someday (in the summer please) to see everything I missed!

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Shanna said...

I love New York!! You make me want to go back... :) I agree about the Mass thing- that has happened to us a few times, and I feel like it is totally wrong to be touring and sight seeing while they are trying to worship! I'm glad you had a good time.

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