Thursday, March 13, 2008


I love to see what Eric is learning in Kindergarten. I think back and I don't remember learning any of these skills in kindergarten. He is reading, writing and learning about money. It's all very fun to watch! For homework today he is writing a telling sentence, a question and an exclamation. He came up with the sentences, and spelled the words without asking me for help. His sentences were "My momma's shirt is green." "What color is momma's shirt?" and "Oooooooow I scratched my knee!" hehe. There were a few misspellings but he was close (and he's FIVE of course he'll make mistakes.) I am amazed every day by the things he is learning! It is so much fun to watch him gain confidence in his newfound knowledge! YAY for Eric! YAY for kindergarten!

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