Monday, May 12, 2008

Updates and Randomness

First of all, I have to confess that Mother's Day, while wonderful, was not perfect. What day is? I didn't include some of the funny things that happened because, yesterday, I chose to highlight the good. Which I should be doing more often. Today, I can find the humor on things like being peed on, so today, I will post them. I woke up yesterday, tired and cranky. I decided that I better snap out of it and faked it. Ever heard the term "fake it til you make it?" It actually works a lot of the time. Who knew. So I put on a smile. At some point in the day I started feeling dizzy. Once that passed, we went to the beach. It really was every bit as fun as I told you. I forgot to mention that Ben ate sand. Quite a lot of sand despite my trying to stop him. And shells. And a rock. Okay, he didn't actually ingest the shells or the rock, but they did go in his mouth. And he got a face full of water once because he wouldn't hold my hand in the water. Anyway! Beach was fun, daddy got a sunburned back, but the rest of us fared pretty well. The nap I talked about was undoubtedly the worst nap ever. Kevin took the big boys out, Ben was asleep and Zack was going to sleep with me. Except the second I laid down and Kevin left, Zack decided sleep was not on his agenda. Pulling on my face, pouncing around the bed, and numerous other aggravations were. When Kevin got home I kicked out the crazy boy and slept for about 30 minutes, but I woke feeling groggy. Then Ben woke up and holy cranky kiddo! It was bad. Kevin worked on dinner (yum!) and I snuggled with Ben. I had changed his diaper and not put his clothes back on and suddenly I felt a warm wetness. There was clearly a major diaper malfunction and I was covered in pee. I have no idea how that even happened but I wasn't loving it. I changed and we ate dinner. Well, Kevin and I ate, the big boys whined about it. They were all oh so whiny! So, you see, this was the reason that at 6:30 I was typing about my day and that the kids were in bed. It really was a lovely day, I don't want to diminish that. But, you know, I also don't want to forget the crazy, funny, ridiculous things that happen around here. in case it calms down someday.


Update on housekeeping:

Guess what! I'm still not Martha Stewart. Bummer. I am getting back on the Flylady system full force tomorrow. Right now my dishes are done and my LR is clean. For today, that's going to have to work, because I have another mountain of laundry to fold tonight. If I keep trying to do better and keep the house cleaner it will fall into place someday right?

On a positive note, the
desk is still clean!!!!!


Update on fitness:

Well, the weight loss has stalled. I haven't gained any, but it's been a few weeks since I've seen a loss. I'm still working out. I'm pretty sure the stall is caused by things like cookies and pie and chips that I've been eating a little too much this last week. Overall, my meals have been very healthy, so I just need to do better about snacking. Starting now.


Random funniness:

Picture me trying to catch a naughty two year old who was out of bed for the third time around the living room table, saying "Zack! This isn't funny! Stop running." All the while trying not to laugh. Then as we walked up the stairs "Oh man!" (a la Swiper the Fox) I had to press my lips together really hard to not laugh at that one.

Picture Ben on top of the little table at the gym child care scaring the workers half to death. Okay, that one's really only funny because someone else was in charge and I didn't have to get him down myself.

Picture Eric and Mark in the back of the car having this conversation:

Mark: So and so behaved rudely at school today.

Eric: Did he have to go to the principal's office?
Mark (indignant!): I don't have a principal Eric, (then not so indignant) but we do have a front office.


And one more thing:

Eric lost his second tooth today. He is soooo big!

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