Friday, May 16, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference

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Last night was Eric's Parent Teacher Conference for the end of the year and discuss his progress, etc. I was nervous. Not because I was worried of some horrible news, or anything I would hear. I've been in fairly regular contact with his teacher. I'd send a note, and once made a phone call to discuss his difficulty focusing. Every time, she's said it is probably a matter of maturity and that he is still a little kid, and very likely he will outgrow it. I wasn't nervous about what she would say, because I was aware of the issues he has, I was armed with questions, and he is a good boy and he's smart. I was nervous because I am just intimidated by teachers. Even typing it out here it sounds ridiculous. Teachers are just people too, and they are often parents. So why did I get all anxious before the meeting? I guess it's lack of confidence and an underlying fear of looking stupid, or looking like a bad mom. I hope someday to get past this.

The conference was fabulous. We had a great discussion of Eric's strong points. He is a strong reader, and well above the kindergarten standards. We talked about the areas he's shown growth in. He has come out of his shell so much this year. Before, when he would read quietly, he now speaks up with confidence. Before, when he would be shy around the other kids, he now runs right up to play with them. And, of course, we talked about the area of great concern for me, his writing and focus. I told her I feel like the quality of his writing has gone downhill and she agreed. He still meets expectations in this area, but I don't like the regression. She told me she will say things like "Eric, I know you can do better than this," and have him erase and he does better. Then, there is the focus. He is a daydreamer. She has started removing distractions such as his pencil box, and name tag from his desk. I use the same tactics at home. I asked for recommendations for a workbook or something I could use at home this summer to work with him and help him with his writing and she pulled a paper from a pile that had a book I could order through the school.

I love Eric's teacher. Not once in that meeting did I feel inferior or silly or like a bad mom. None of the things that worried me occurred. I can tell she really cares about my child. I appreciate her taking the time to work with him and to help me know how to help him. It means so much to me that at this tender age, he has someone to teach him that is so amazing. I know not every parent is so lucky.


Sue said...

I am sooooo intimidated by teachers. Even though I am twice as old as some of them. *sob* And the principal, FORGET IT! I freak out whenever she even *looks* my way. But YAY for Eric! Great conference.

Have you ever heard of Handwriting without Tears? I have always heard lots of good things.

Rebecca said...

I have NOT heard of that. Thanks! I will check it out! And glad I'm not alone in my fear of teachers. Whew. :)

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