Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brotherly Love

Brotherly love is giving your younger brother half of your tooth fairy money AND half of your "no potty words for a whole day" money. Mark gained $1.25 out of Eric's generosity. I find myself saying, "should I let him do it? What if he regrets this later?" Then I thought why not? I did ask Eric if he was sure he wanted to give it away and he said yes. So, I swallowed the desire to say "NO" and let him be giving. It's a trait I definitely want to encourage. I just hope I don't hear about it later.

Brotherly love is the hug you get from your brothers at preschool dropoff. All the parents comment on how sweet this is. It makes my mommy heart swell.

Brotherly love is sitting on your one year old brother while he screams bloody murder until mommy stops you. Okay, not so much. But I'm not sure Zack realizes that's not a good way to express affection.


Brotherly love is playing 2 player bowling on Wii so that your 2 year old brother thinks he is playing. Thanks Mark, that really helped your momma out today!

Brotherly love is singing "Benny Ben don't cy, Benny Ben, don't cy" when your baby brother is crying in the car. Thanks Zack! I know you really love your brother and it does wonders for your momma's nerves when Ben stops crying when you sing to him. Amazing!

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