Monday, May 5, 2008


Zack is a hugger. He is probably the lovey-est boy I know. He loves to snuggle and kiss and at one point I was his sole object of affection, then daddy started getting hugs, and then brothers. Well, now the boy will hug anyone he sees, and I do mean anybody. Last night we were doing some yard work. Kevin was mulching and I was chasing Ben to keep him out of the road, and the other boys were running and having a blast playing outside. Our neighbors were walking by and stopped to chat. He ran up like these were his best friends (we've talked to them one other time) and hugged them both. He then pointed at me and said "that my mom" and then Kevin "that my dad." Then he pointed at the house, "see, that my house, my BIG house, you come in my house?" Then, when they laughed and politely declined his generous invitation he said "hey, where YOU house?" He's just a social little guy if I ever saw one. So, I said in the midst of his entertaining us "he'd hug a stranger I think." And then today, he did. A nice man at the post office stopped me to ask a question about stamps and Zack hopped off the sit and stand stroller and gave him a big ginormous hug. The nice, grandfatherly type man hugged him back, and I said "um, he's a friendly kid, sorry." Because what do you say when your child hugs a random stranger? It was awkward but the gentleman thanked me for my help and we bounded off. Well, Zack bounded, I followed.

I'm so happy that Zack is loving, and cuddly and sweet. Today as I checked my email he sat on my lap and had his left arm slung around my neck, his other hand occupied with some snacks. These are the times I'll miss when he's bigger. They are the times that make me want to freeze him right where he is in spite of other not so fun parts of raising a two year old.

So, if you find yourself in need of a hug, Zack is happy to give you one!

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