Thursday, May 22, 2008

Answers to My Own Questions

Instead of cleaning my closet I am going to sit here and answer my own questions.

1. The mop. I hate mops as much as one can hate an inanimate object. I have hated every mop I've ever owned. Pre kids when I mopped (which wasn't often enough, mind you) I just got down on hands and knees and scrubbed. I have neither the time nor the energy to do that now. Right now I have a sponge mop thing from Lowes and I LOVED it the first time I used it. I thought I had overcome the mop dilemma once and for all and then the second time I used it it wasn't as great. Hmph. That's how it goes. I can't replace the 5 dollar head every time I mop. Ridiculous. So then Kevin saw this commercial for the "Sham WOW" cloths and he bought the hype and bought the cloths (which are fine, but not worth the cost.) While we were frivolously spending money on cleaning cloths (aren't we FUN) I saw the mop and wondered "Hmmm, suppose that is a good mop?" So Kevin ordered it too. It was lovely! Well, it was lovely the first time I used it. Then despite my initial declaration of love, I hated it the second and subsequent uses. Then somehow one of the boys BENT THE HANDLE, and when I tried to unbend it IT BROKE IN HALF. Cheap piece of crap. Luckily, it wasn't that much money. So, I've been to the store and seen the Magic Eraser mop (I think I will spend a fortune on replacement sponges though but I do love the magic erasers, so maybe?), I looked at the mop Ambre suggested too, but I haven't bought one yet. Shanna mentioned her steamer and I realized I had one so I used it, but I lost the mop part so it was a hands and knees ordeal, and the floor was sooooooooooooooooooo clean. And it's staying cleaner for longer I think, so I am definitely going to get the mop pad part for it and use that. Hands and knees is for the birds, or Cinderella. Or anyone other than me.

Ok, enough rambling about mops. I'd still like to find a good one for in between steam cleanings. Because even with the attachment I don't see using it more than once a week, and let's face it, my floor needs mopped more often than that.

2. Wasn't question two something about vacation? I've forgotten what with all my ranting and raving about mops. We go to Oklahoma every year to visit family, and this summer is no exception. Except my message board friends are holding a gathering in Kansas City this year the weekend before we usually go. I thought it all through and decided to have my mom fly here and drive with me and all the kids to KC, stay there a day and drive down to Oklahoma. I just couldn't be that close to family and not go down. So instead of 7 days in town we'll get 14. Kevin will fly out to meet us midway. I'm excited, but Kevin totally got the good end of this deal. Besides that, we'll probably do a lot of local stuff. Apparently Kevin has reached his vacation cap, so he has to start using it or he won't gain anymore. So a few long weekends are in order I think.

3. Books. Oh how I love reading. I just don't do it enough. The most recent book I've read is "You're A Good Mom" by Jen Singer. Awesome read, I can't recommend it enough! I also like to read magazines. I have subscriptions to Women's Health, Parents, and Rachel Ray and I have like 3 of each I haven't even cracked open yet. So, I think that's my next reading project. I'd like to be caught up before the next round arrives.

So there are my answers, thanks again everyone who entered!


Tootsie Farklepants said...

I hate mops too. My kitchen floor is this tile that repels sponge mops. Eats them, in fact. So I have to use the old fashioned "ropey" kind of mop. Or hands and knee it. All options suck.

Kathy said...

Hoping you enjoy some of the time with "family" in Oklahoma.

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