Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More on Homemaking (or lack thereof)

I'm clearly trying to make an effort to do better at the housekeeping part of this stay at home mom gig. I worked hard yesterday and it came to that dreaded what's for dinner hour. I thought for a minute and saw that we had some leftover roast. It was a little dry when I made it so it would need some sort of sauce to disguise that fact. So, I decided to do a little pepper steak with mashed potatoes. Technically, I guess it was Pepper Rump Roast, though. Anyway. I was cooking it up and it smelled pretty good. I haven't been eating meat for the last little bit so I didn't try it. I was proud that I threw a decent dinner together until Kevin ate it and made a face. I asked what was wrong and he said it was salty. So I got upset. I thought he was just being picky until I realized that I had read the instructions on the beef base wrong for the sauce. I should have used 1 teaspoon of the base instead of the TABLESPOON I used. So, yeah, I guess it was kinda salty. Or maybe really,grossly, unbearably salty.

And here I am today with the day half over and again having NO idea what is for dinner. Time to start menu planning again. But it's so hard. The menu, the shopping, the actually preparing the dinner without creating something inedible.

I was typing this and I had to stop to get Mark and decided to run to Target for "something for dinner." With three kids and no plan the best I could come up with was frozen pizza. Heck ya! Oh and don't worry, I didn't forget the diet coke. Because that would have been TRAGIC.

So I feel like as I try to get one area of my life under control (housework), another area falls apart. Or at least it becomes more evident that I lack talent in the what's for dinner department.

SIGH... I am trying to wrap this post up in a nice little package but it's just not coming together for me. So we'll just end it with the note of frustration that I'm feeling right now. Oh and this thought... At least tonight is frozen pizza. That one is really hard to mess up. Although, I'm sure I could manage to find a way.


Shanna said...

You know, there is only so much time in the day. Give yourself a break! I almost always keep frozen pizza for those nights it just doesn't come together. I also liked it when I did a lot of freezer meals, but haven't been very good about that in several months. I also like to keep tortillas on hand- you can throw any leftovers from the fridge on a tortilla and call it a burrito or quesadilla. Just throw enough cheese on, and it will taste good! :)

Shanna said...

Oh, and I meant to say that I loved the 'to do list' on your blog so much that I copied it! :)

A said...

Now that I no longer eat meat I dont taste half the food I cook either. So my taste testers do it for me and it's seems to be going okay. But that is the hardest part for me...not knowing if the food I serve is seasoned properly!

And regardless, it's HARD cooking a homemade, nutritious and balanced meal with so many "helpers" at your feet!

I've gotten the 'what's for dinner' part of the day down. I make a menu. I dont have a certain day that I know I'll cook a certain food but I have a list of meals to choose from and I can decide what I feel like cooking.

Now if I could get your cleaning/organizing skills down I'd be set!

Shalet said...

Thanks for the reminder - I have no idea what's for dinner. Off to check the freezer...

Sue said...

I totally stink at the What's for Dinner game too. Argh ... hate it!

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