Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of my mommy friends! Also, I hope my mom and mother-in-law both had fantastic days! They are great mothers and deserve the best!

As for me, my sixth year celebrating the holiday was pretty great. I started out the day with a pretty good attitude and no grand expectations thanks to my friend Shanna's reminder earlier in the week of what this day is all about. Then early this morning, I read my other friend Sue's blog and there was another beautiful post all about moms, and her mothering experience. Thanks girls for your insight and thoughts on this topic. I am lucky to have you both as friends and I am thankful that through the internet I can pick your brains, so to speak, and learn from your experiences. Happy Mother's Day to you!

When at the early hour of 6:07 my boys rush into my room announcing they had made me breakfast (keep in mind Kevin and I had been in bed sound asleep), I was alarmed and rushed to see what insanity was going on in the kitchen. Fortunately for me, it was a bowl of cereal. Whew! They were even considerate enough to not pour the milk yet "so it wouldn't get soggy." Pretty awesome if you ask me! It wasn't too long later that Kevin got up and made us a real breakfast and then I sat on the couch to read (remember the book I won? Good one! And I'll talk more on that after I finish it!) Then my husband said to me "excuse me ma'am, there is no reading in here. Take that to the bedroom." Which clearly told me something was up. I obliged and took my book into my bedroom. The tub was calling my name so I ran a bath and soaked and read for a little while, enjoying the quiet (and no one knocking on the door, score!) I got out and they were ready for me. I had two original masterpieces designed by Eric and Mark. Apparently, Zack didn't WANT to draw mommy a picture (oh no, remember, that's MY job), and Ben thinks crayons are snacks so I just had the two. But it was great. And a letter, which was so funny that I'll type it out here.

Mommy Shore Excursion: (haha cruise joke!)**

Activities included:
Massage relaxation at Spa Bella (call ***-***-****) and act like they don't know who you are and there are no pre-made arrangements)
Shopping trip, minimum $50.00 spending limit (Kohl's gift card included!)**

Limitations: No children are allowed.
You pick the day you want to go.

** comments added by me.

I loved it. First of all, I have never had a massage and it's one of those things I would never just do so I'm excited! (I need advice on massages though. Swedish? Hot Stone? Tell me what to do.) And it had the added benefit of making me laugh. Oh! And I get to go shopping. Alone. YAY! I really didn't need a gift but to feel appreciation was so very nice.

Then we hemmed and hawed about what to do with the day and decided to go to the beach. I love the beach! Ben is old enough now to romp around and play and actually enjoy it, whereas previously it had been kinda miserable for him, so I'm thrilled that he can have fun there too now, because we LOVE the beach.
After we got home we had lunch, and I took a nap! (I think the last time I took a nap was my birthday, and we just enjoyed the day. Kevin cooked a wonderful dinner and we put the kids to bed early. It was time, that's all I'm saying.

A huge thanks to my amazing family for making my day incredible. I love you!

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