Saturday, May 17, 2008


I woke up yesterday to clang, bang, clang. I wasn't sure what the noise's source was but it sounded like glass and I was confused because Eric and Mark know better. Zack was in my bed and Ben can't get out of his crib. So I grumbled and I got up. I walked into the living room and my eyes about bulged out of my head and my jaw dropped. There was Ben in the middle of the floor with my cell phone and a bowl banging them together quite happily. After I recovered a bit from the shock, I said "guys, how did Ben get out of bed?" And Mark said "He wasn't very happy that we were going downstairs, so I just got him up." Uh huh. Add this to the list of things I never really thought would happen. "Mark, I'm glad you wanted to help your brother but please don't get him out of his bed again." "But mommy he wanted out and nobody got hurt! "But somebody might have gotten hurt. It's dangerous." "Okay!" I went upstairs and there was all kinds of stuff piled in Ben's bed. I asked why all that stuff was in the crib and apparently Mark had tried to appease Ben with toys and blankets before getting him out of bed. Lest you think I was leisurely sleeping in late while all this was going on, I will put your mind at ease. The clanging woke me up at 6:15.

When I took Mark to school later one of the teachers told me a funny story. Mark loves this teacher. His eyes light up when he sees her. I can't blame him because she's sweet and young and pretty. She's not his teacher, but the teacher in the "baby class" according to Mark. So yesterday she came up to me and said "I just have to tell you. I was telling Mark I would miss him when he went on to kindergarten and he smiled and said 'Don't worry Ms. Michelle, I'll find your house and come see you because I have a GPS in my car!' " What a sweet, funny boy! Luckily she thought it was sweet and funny too, and he's little enough we don't have to worry about him actually stalking her.

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Tootsie Farklepants said...

I've had a similar experience, except I was leisurely sleeping in. If 8am counts.

Rebecca said...

Well 6 years ago 8 am was soooo early. Now it's midday.

Shanna said...

Hey! I have a new mop option for you! I just got a Shark Steam Cleaner. It is awesome! You can use it to clean EVERYTHING!! Bathrooms, floors, toilets, countertops, baseboards, you name it. And it just uses water, so it is enviro friendly and you don't have to buy cleaners any more.

bellebearberry said...

Oh dear - let me tell you, now that Ben KNOWS Mark can get him out - he won't leave Mark alone. Once Hannah figured out Holly could get her out - you should have heard her - sooo sweet... Belle could NOT resist.

Howeee peeeassssssssss... (that's exactly how she used to say it. Belle's heart melted at the peas instead of please

Rebecca said...

Oh that is adorable! So far so good... but if Ben could talk I'd be in for it I'm sure! Mark loves his baby brother!

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