Saturday, May 10, 2008

Coloring Time

Zack loves to color. Only, he's no longer content to scribble all over the page. He wants pictures. Of things. Which means often when he wants to color he wants someone else to color for him. Yesterday he asked to color so I got out the supplies and set him up at the table. It was just Zack and I. Ben was napping and the big guys were at school. So, I thought great! He'll be occupied and I can get some stuff done around here. Alas, my buddy had other plans. He followed me around with his crayon and his paper saying "Dwaw ging-a-bwead momma, I need a ging-a-bwead." Don't ask me why it's May and we are still drawing gingerbread men. It's beyond me. However, Mark has a fascination with them and draws them often. So, I sat down with Zack on my lap and dutifully drew a "ging-a-bwead." Then I tried to make my escape. No dice. "He need SHOES, momma." I didn't even mention that gingerbread men don't wear shoes, instead I just drew them. "Dwaw him eyes momma." Again, I drew. Now, I'm no artist, but every time I added an element to the Christmas cookie he giggled with delight. Then, after Gingie was complete I hugged my boy and tried to get him off my lap. He had other plans. He grabbed another piece of paper out of the printer and said "dwaw apple twee, momma." Not sure why he wanted an apple tree, but I drew it. "No, momma bigger apples." I was starting to get tired of coloring but I drew a few bigger apples on the tree. "Dwaw Little Beaw." This was really getting beyond my capabilities so I did the best I could and he was pleased as could be. Then the funniest comment in our coloring session. "Momma "Little Beaw can't reach the apples," and reaching for another sheet of paper, "dwaw a biggew little beaw."

I laughed. Then I drew a bigger bear.

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Shanna said...

Aww, this is so sweet. I love that you were able to put your other jobs aside and enjoy it. I need to do that more. And I love the way you write about it- you really have a gift for expressing yourself!

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