Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Strong Willed Child?

Ben is showing signs of being strong willed. Which, may I say, is entirely unfair seeing as how I already have a strong willed child. I thought I heard somewhere that one per family was standard. Or maybe it's because I have more than the average 2.5 kids, it ups my numbers. Or maybe I just made that little one per family statistic up to suit my own interests. Who knows?

So what has my bitty boy done to have me concerned that he is a bit strong willed and stubborn? Just the usual stuff. Insisting to get down and walk (he doesn't talk, but he's mastered the slide down mommy trick.) Screaming when I take something away (sorry Ben, 1 year olds can't play with scissors.) This doesn't sound unusual now that I type it out but in the middle of it, he is unrelenting. He just wants what he wants, and uses whatever means he can to get it. With uncanny understanding and effectiveness for his age.

Maybe he's not strongwilled. Maybe, in spite of going through this stage three times previously, I just don't remember. Mommy brain is funny like that. Yet, he just seems too smart, too knowing, too stubborn. I almost feel like I'm dealing with the "terrible twos" at 15 months old. Which is loads of fun since Zack is hitting the peak of that stage right now. How do mom's with twins do it?

So, since I'm complaining about Ben here, I feel it necessary to highlight some cute things he's done recently. (That and I'm a momma and I can't help it!) Yesterday when I was cooking dinner he was playing in the cabinets. He was taking out pots and pans and lids and I didn't care because he wasn't pulling on my leg crying as often occurs at that time of day. It was kind of quiet so I glanced down and he was putting the lids on the pans. The right lids on the right pans was the part that caught me by surprise. This entertained him for a good ten minutes. Which leads me to this thought. Maybe he's just smart. Maybe I'm just not giving his little brain enough stimulation. That could be why he is fussy and irritable during the day. Maybe what I see as strong willed is just him trying to explore his environment and learn. Maybe that's my answer.

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