Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh the Screaming

Zack thinks it's funny to scream. I'm sure you've heard it. The high pitched, ear splitting shrieking that some kids do. I hate it. Ben, on the other hand finds it pretty funny. Yesterday afternoon Zack was running around in circles doing the scream thing and Ben was running around after him laughing his head off. So, it was cute. Still painful to the ears, but fun to see my two little ones interacting and enjoying each other. Good mommy moment. Well, today I am enduring another scream fest and Zack said "Ahhhhhh." Be glad I am not posting audio of this. The written word can not describe the pitch of this noise. Just before I had a chance to say "Zachary, stop screaming!" I heard a smaller, less high pitch, clearly coming out of my itty bitty baby (yea, still in denial, shhhhh don't tell me otherwise.) It made me laugh and that is hard to do on a school day before the lunches are made and the kids are dropped off.

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