Friday, May 9, 2008

Summer Time

Yesterday, I made an offhand comment about being ready for summer. I am here to officially say, I take it back. The next 20-ish days can go as slowly as they like. While I am ready to leave behind the morning rush..."hey guys, get your shoes on. Ok, brush your teeth. Get your backpacks and get in the car. HEY! Why aren't you wearing SHOES?"... and the homework...."Eric, please focus... Mark leave Eric alone so he can do his work... Zack, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. We don't color on Eric's homework!!!" As much as I'm ready to leave behind the lunch packing and the driving two kids to two schools at two times, not to mention picking up two kids at two schools at two times, I don't know that I'm ready to have them all home all the time. I need help. I need a babysitter (one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg... I like my limbs, thanks.) I need a PLAN! So I'm formulating a plan for the summer. Despite my complaining and fear and alllll that, I'm not willing to ship my kids off to camp just yet, and I really don't like the idea of doing the expensive programs offered all over the place, so it's all on me, guys. So, my Summer Survivor Plan so far consists of this.

1. Go to the gym every single day. That's an hour (at least, I can leave them as long as 2) to exercise, get some stress out, and take a shower and get ready without anyone banging on the door, hurting themselves, or playing in my makeup.

2. Find some sort of summer curriculum to keep them learning, help Eric improve his fine motor skills, and some crafty things that my kids love. I'm not
supermom, I'm looking for something for 15-30 minutes per day.

3. I recently discovered I can take all four kids to the pool and not get anybody drowned, and leave with all of my hair, so I plan to visit the pool on a daily basis (well, as often as I can.)

4. TV time... let's just be honest.

So, tentatively that's my survival plan. I'm open to suggestions to add to my list. Ok, after typing this post, I feel ready for summer again. Now to get the big boys to school!


Anonymous said...

Great post!! Our little play class doesn't meet in the summer, so I have been thinking of the same things. Here is my plan:
1- Stone mountain. I bought a one year pass. It is a little far away, but there are tons of things to do there. I'm thinking once a week or so.
2- I signed them up for a 'camp' which is one hour a day for a week. I did it for the week that Kydon is gone to India. I figure it will help me stay sane, but isn't too much schedule or money.
3- Daybreak. A drop off daycare that I can leave them for 3 hours at a time. I don't plan to use it that much (maybe a couple times a month), but if I need to get stuff done, or just having a bad day, I am not going to hesitate to use it.
4- water in the backyard. Screw the drought. And we will be going to the pool a lot too.

Crisa said...

YES to everything you said. I've been planning our summer since January, because I get cabin fever in our HOT AS HELL summers. My list -
1. Gym everyday, for the same reasons.
2. Pool - once a week
3. Library and park - once a week
4. Playgroup field trip once a week - we go to places like the zoo, splash pad, local toddler water park, mall play gym thingy, bounce house, children's museum, Chucky Cheese etc.
5. Park or playgroup member's house once a week. If it's too hot for the park we meet at someone's house and turn on a sprinkler.
6. Outdoor theater - they have child friendly plays and shows during the summer.

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