Monday, May 19, 2008


I have a new addiction. Unlike my other addiction (ahem, internet) it is very productive. Shanna mentioned getting the Shark Steam Cleaner and recommended it for my mopping issues. Because it comes with a mop attachment. Which of course, I can not find. Yesterday I decided to do the floor with it anyway and just steam & scrub and wipe dry. It gets the floor fantastically clean, but it was a lot of work (I think if I had the mop attachment I could easily mop that way all the time, but not the way I did it yesterday.)

So today, I decided I should use Mr. Steam Cleaner even more and have steamed both of the downstairs bathrooms. They are SPARKLING I tell you. And it's pretty easy because it melts whatever grime is on whatever surface, and you just wipe it away. Dude. We have a LOT of grime around here. (4 boys, remember?) I am excited, and slightly perplexed as to why on earth it sat in the closet under the stairs for the past 6 months. Hmm.

Thanks Shanna! Who knew cleaning could be fulfilling for once :)

2 bathrooms to go with the Shark and then I can collapse into a heap fold a whole pile of laundry and put the sheets back on the beds. Then I can call it a day make dinner, feed & bathe four kids and get them to bed. Yea, it never ends does it?


Shanna said...

ahem, what about our shared DC addiction? I am enjoying one right now as I read your exhausting but clean day. Good job getting all that done! You inspire me. Tomorrow I will spend all day on the internet. Oops, I mean I will clean! :)

Sue said...

I have wondered about that Shark steamer. We've got some serious grime too! Could I use it on hardwood?

Rebecca said...

Hehehe... I forgot the diet coke.. okay, 3 addictions. And DC is um, ok, cause it allows me to not fall asleep at inopportune times like the middle of the day when kids are awake ;) hehe!

I have plans for tomorrow. How long before I rebel? LOL

And Sue I'm not sure about the steam on the wood floors, Shanna what do you think?

Shanna said...

About the DC keeping you awake... I decided NOT to get one the other day driving home from Stone Mountain (didn't want to pay $3.75), and guess what- fell asleep and crashed the car. Next time I will get the DC and save the $500 deductible. Luckily no one was hurt....

The Shark I bought has a "steam pocket" attachment that you can use on hardwoods. It does say "sealed hardwoods" whatever that means, but I am using it on mine. Not that often, but a few times a month just to get it clean.

Rebecca said...

Oh goodness! I'm so glad you guys are ok! So this is clearly something we need!!

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