Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You Aren't Going to BELIEVE This!!!

Ben broke our front door. Yes, you heard that right. Ben the BABY broke our front door. You see, I was using this tool we have to scrape the mortar out from between tiles and I guess I got distracted (go figure) and left it out. When I heard the banging I said "GUYS, quit BANGING!!!" Mark said "Moooooom, it's Ben." So I grumbled and let it go, then JUST as I started to go stop him Mark comes running, Ben in his arms, and says "MOM Ben cracked the DOOR." And I believe my exact words were "Ben cracked the WHAT? Which door? Wait, what's that noise?" I took Ben in my arms and looked up at my glass door to see cracked glass over the entire bottom half of the door, and it was moving up. Crackle crackle. Unsettling.

Thank GOODNESS it didn't shatter. I got everyone FAR away from the door because I was pretty sure it was going to come crashing in any second. Then I called Kevin to ask what I needed to do next.

Thank GOODNESS it was double pane glass, so we could take down the shattered glass and still have a barrier to the outside world.

So now is the great debate. Here are our options.

1. Replace the glass with clear glass. Same as it was.

Pro - Probably the cheapest option.
Con - We don't like having the clear glass in the door (basically the entire door is glass, so people can see right in. We've just been waiting til later to do something about it... I guess later is now.)

2. Replace the whole door.

Pro - We can pick one that doesn't have glass where little toddler hands can reach. Fewer finger prints, etc.

Con - Apparently, in FL there is an exorbitant permit fee for replacement doors. Or at least that's what we have been told. Plus a large installation fee, plus the cost of the door. OUCH.

3. Replace the glass with something non see through.

Pro - Pretty and given #2 possibly cheaper

Con - I have to figure out who to use and make phone calls and all that to get it done. Plus it takes time to order the glass, get it installed, etc.

I still have LOTS of research to do. It is feasible that we could install a replacement door ourselves, thus negating the $250 or so installation fee (not to mention $150 for the permit!!!! Oh wait, pretend I didn't say that!)

So, I am looking forward to an afternoon of calling glass companies. And allergists, but that's a different post entirely.

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Kellan said...

Oh, so glad it didn't come crashing down on anyone - eeeek! It will be nice to get to do something different with the door, if you haven't been happy with it - sorry it had to be this way - ha!

Take care - Kellan

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