Friday, September 26, 2008

What Happens When I Turn My Back for .37 Seconds

I would swear the lid was on the tub of Eucerin when I went to find the kids school spirit day teeshirts. Either this kid is now moving on to removing lids, or I was mistaken. I'd say the odds of either are about 50/50.

But darn it he's cute.

Don't look at the floor in this one. We have to remove excess mortar and grout still. :)


Anonymous said...

oh, he is soooo cute! Buy holy cow, what a mess! Was it so hard to get out?? I hope this wasn't just after a bath! I would have been yelling- good job laughing and getting the camera.

One time the boys got into my shower, and I found both of them, sitting on the floor of my shower, covered head to toe in shampoo and conditioner. I completely lost it, but now, years later, I soooo wish I had taken a picture and laughed about it!

Rebecca said...

It was early this morning while I was scrambling to get everyone ready for school. I dress Ben last, since he does stuff like this. I usually get mad at this junk, but seriously, it the look on his face cracked me up. He was SO happy. I didn't have time to bathe him until tonight either, so he had gooey hair today (although I did get the big gobs out & spread it around so it wasn't SO obvious. He's a crazy one! Oh, and Eucerin is pretty hard to wash out of hair. In case you wondered. Heh.

Sue said...!!! What a STINKER!! Look at that face! You may have already gotten it out, but a bit of dish soap might help because it cuts grease ... but be careful not to get it in his eyes!


Jill said...

So is his hair super shiny today?
I'm kinda hoping you left the lid off because he is so little to be taking lids off of everything. He's super cute though. :o)

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