Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun with Pancakes

The big question on my older boys' minds the millisecond I get out of my bed is "What's for breakfast." All school days, the answer is often cereal, because we have limited time to get everyone ready and out the door. You see, mornings are nuts around here. However, I've been torn for awhile because while cereal is easy, they have not been eating it. So I've been searching for something that we haven't eaten to the point of being sick of it, but that is still a little bit nutritious. Anyway, yesterday Eric was going on and on about making pancakes and putting faces on them with banana slices, and even in my sleep deprived stupor, I couldn't say no to his enthusiastic request. Banana pancakes it was.

And they ate every last bite.

PS If you look down you can see a preview of the new floor. I love it. Try to NOT see the mess, though. You might have to try REALLY hard for that one.


TheVillamorFamily said...

great floors and backsplash! you are ambitious to do the that how to spell that word??

I told Nate that he sent the markers and notpad to your son but wasn't sure which one Eric was....we guessed the oldest:) hope he liked it!

Rebecca said...

Yes! Eric is the one in these pictures, and he loved the markers & notepad!! Thanks so much!!!

Thanks for the comments about the floor & backsplash. I really love it. It's all coming together! Finally.

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