Friday, September 12, 2008

A Potty Training Freak Out

On the agenda this afternoon is potty training and cleaning the house. That is lack of enthusiasm you hear in my tone, in case you weren't sure. Neither is on my list of things I love to do. Fortunately, potty training isn't something that must be done as regularly as cleaning. And, with any luck, once Zack is potty trained, he will STAY trained. Much unlike the house, which if I do manage to get clean, will be messed up again so fast my head will spin.

Ahh potty training. My nemesis. I should be good at it by now, having succeeded twice, but it's hard ya'll. I've tried a few times with Zack. First, he wasn't ready, then I wasn't. Then, we were too busy in the car dropping off, picking up, and running kids every which way. Then I was too crazy with four kids home all summer to work on it. Then I'd decide TODAY is the day, and we'd do great and then I'd put him in a diaper to run a quick errand, or just for the gym, and then suddenly the day was over and I realized I'd forgotten to take him out of the diaper when we'd gotten home and HOLY CRAP THIS KID IS NEVER GOING TO BE POTTY TRAINED AND IT'S ALL! MY! FAULT!!!!!!

So today, I try again. One of these times it will stick. He's really ready, he always asks to go potty before his bath. He pees in the potty often, it's just that he pees in his diaper too. Because his mommy can't get her act together long enough to take it off of him.

Wish me luck.


Sara said...

Good luck!!! :)

Sue said...

Good luck. I forgot about how annoying the in-between stage it. And that is where we are stuck.

Sue said...

I mean in-between stage IS.

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