Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And Cue the Thunder...

Yesterday, the boys discovered a monstrous, ginormously huge container of water balloons. 450 water bombs to be exact. first, they wanted me to blow them up. Since my lungs can't take that (I can blow up balloons, but not these teensy things) I reminded them that they were water balloons. "SO FILL THEM WITH WATER MOM!! Please, Momma, PLEASE." Sigh. I promised them today they could and I set it up to even have friends over to enjoy in the water play.

There was a chance of rain today, so as I sat and ate lunch with the older two at school I mentioned the water plans, but with the caveat that it MIGHT rain, and if it does, we'll have to do it another day.

I was even looking forward to it and as of 2:45 it wasn't raining. But there were clouds wayyyyy off on the horizon.

Those clouds burst just a few minutes ago, complete with thunder and lightning. So far, there are no tears, or fits or demands to play with water balloons anyway. So far.

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