Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Fort

My gut reaction was to get angry. I blame that on my current state of severe sleep deprivation, combined with the fact that I've been working really hard to make some headway on deep cleaning the house. I had just right that moment been folding a pile of laundry that you could lose a small child in. Fortunately, that hadn't happened, but I'm confident it could.

So anyway, I was irritated, but suppressing it because deep down in my heart of hearts I knew that they weren't trying to make a mess, nor were they trying to make me crazy... They were having fun. That's all. It really sucks when you know something in your head, but it does not one thing to quell your aggravation. So, I faked it, grumbling in my head (but silent outwardly) everytime I walked by. Then I noticed how cute the little feet were sticking out from under the table.

Little feet sticking out, playing in the fort. Come on, it's just a couple of blankets anyway. I came out of my funk, and decided that instead of being grouchy, I would take pictures. It was a much better idea.

Later, when they were done with with fort (it was a bit cramped in their with 3 boys and tight quarters) and the blankets were on the floor, I requested they be taken back upstairs where they belong. And they happily obliged. I'm really glad I didn't ruin their fun with my grumpy mommy-ness.

This could have been a different scenario. Recently I read a post over at 3 Cute Kids, where Shanna documented a totally frustrating situation through pictures. She said it was easier to stay calm, knowing she was going to be blogging it later, so I am stealing the premise from her, and agreeing that yes, it is easier. Blogging helps me keep things in perspective.

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly how that feels. Good job supressing the negative and taking pictures!! I need to do that more! :)

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