Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some Days Are Just Easy

It's few and far between, but it happens, and today was one of those days. It's a darn good thing because I feel like I was entitled to an easy day after the past few weeks.

In case you've forgotten, let's do a recap...

There was the seizure... which all on it's own was enough to send me over the edge. Then there was the sickness of all of the kids and ME within a few days time. Then there was the never ending tile project which is WAY harder on Kevin than me, but still I persist to whine about it. Of course we can not forget our cute little Ben, who smashed the front door. And then... I didn't even blog about it, but that same cute little baby Ben got ahold of our not so cheap remote control and put it in a bucket of water that accidentally got left out after a riveting night of grouting. Yep, it was fried. And so was I. I'm soooo taking the money for the door and the remote out of his college fund. Kidding, of course... kind of. Oh! And I almost forgot about inconclusive allergy tests and such. It's not been easy for quite a while.

Wednesday was a great day!

Started off with the usual hustle & bustle of getting out the door and the big boys to school. I came home, packed a lunch, dropped off the little guys and headed up to school to help Mark's teacher with some things, then got to sit there and chat with the boys during their lunch. I had planned on eating with them, but Kevin called me while I was busily filing away kindergarten papers and told me he was still home, but was going to go to the office to get a new laptop battery, and if I wanted we could go to this sandwich place he always raves about.

After I picked up the little kids, we headed down to St. Pete and Zack and Ben slept the entire way there. Quiet conversation with my husband, without a million distractions and stressors was a rare treat. We got to Mazarro's and ordered our sandwiches, then wandered the market for a while. Lunch was so nice with only two little ones, who munched on chips (they had already eaten) and were just cute and happy to smile at passersby.

By the time we got home it was almost time for the big ones to get in and they were so happy to see daddy home. They did homework, watched cartoons, and "helped" Kevin plan out the next section of tile (in the hall, the kitchen is just so close to finished, but he needs to do this one spot before he can complete the last bit of kitchen tile.)

I fed the kids and my friend and I ran out to Chipotle for my last moment of being alone for the next 3 days. Got home, and helped Kevin pack and vegged a little and realized that for the first time in a long time, I didn't feel frazzled, or anxious, or just plain worn out. Okay, so I was still pretty worn out, because even the easy days are exhausting. It felt good to have a little break from total insanity though.

This morning we waved goodbye to Kevin as he left for the airport. Bye bye daddy they all waved, including Ben.

Please excuse the picture quality... it was a camera phone picture inspired by the cuteness of the moment.

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Sue said...

YAY! Days like that remind you that this job is all worthwhile!

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