Monday, September 29, 2008

Fitness Update & New Goals

It occurred to me the other day that I've been working out now for a little more than 9 months. It's the first time in my life that I've done any actual exercise regularly, and on purpose. I was really active as a teen, but not really into organized exercise. I've started tons of times. And I always quit, until this time. I'm fairly confident that this time I'm not going to quit.

We are going on a cruise with Kevin's family in January, and I would like nothing more to lose 15-20 more pounds by that time. I am typically not very good at losing weight on a deadline. Okay, honestly I'm not good at losing weight period. Because while I've lost 17 pounds, and 2 sizes, I have been stuck here for quite a while. I still see changes. Like, when I started my weight training (toning) class and the instructor did bridges and then went up to hands, and back down to elbows, I made one pitiful attempt to do so and then collapsed flat on my stomach. Now I can do that. And I can go from plank to side plank. I'm not bragging, but I am pleased to see progress. I just wish it would translate to the evil scale.

So, 15-20 pounds more lost by January 1. That is my goal, and instead of simply whining about the weight not coming off, I've been devising a plan. I know that I absolutely need more cardio. I've heard to aim for 3-5 times a week and I'm getting two at the best. Zack's got a little class starting that interferes with one of those two times, so I am going to have to rethink things. When I lost the first 15 pounds was right around the time that I severely decreased my meat consumption, and was eating extremely healthily. Go figure. Now I eat basically no meat except occasionally seafood, but other things have slipped back in. Namely, chocolate and other deliciously evil things. Is my diet as good as it was when I started this weight loss journey. No. Is it worlds better than before I started it. Oh my goodness yes. Is there room for improvement? Obviously. When I was losing weight I was eating homemade vegetable soup for lunch almost every day, and somewhere along the line I stopped that. I think it's time to start that habit again. Especially since I make a pretty darn good pot of veggie soup, so it's not as if I feel all deprived or anything. That is part one of my plan.

Part two is hard for me even to write about and I'm not sure why. Setting fitness goals is tough for me because I'm nervous it sets me up for failure. I am trying to move beyond that mentality. So, there's some 5K thing (ok, there's tons, but this one is way off in the distance) in March and I am setting a goal to be able to run 5 K by March. Notice I didn't say I was signing up for the 5K, ohhhh no I'm not ready for that yet! Maybe I'll get to that point someday, but definitely not yet. On the days I can't make the classes I like to go to I am going to start getting on the treadmill and walk/jog and start working toward that. Without compromising my weight training class because I really believe that it is so important, I want to rev up my cardio to 3-4 times per week.

Okay, these are lofty goals. I'll update on my progress!

If you are interested in adding running to your fitness routine, but are like me and not a runner, there is a great beginners program at Cool Running. If you've heard of the Couch to 5K program, that link is where to find it! Let me know if you do this, then we can cheer each other on!


Anonymous said...

You are making such awesome progress!! Good job! Someone once told me that 80% of weight loss is food, and only 20% is excersize. I think it is true! I joined Weight Watchers last April, and I got back to my goal weight. You can do it!! It just takes focus at every.single.meal. No exceptions! But if you do slip up, just keep on going- every meal that you eat right and every time you skip a sweet treat, it helps to make a difference.

Of course, I did have cake for breakfast today. But it is my birthday, so I'm allowed, right??? :)

Sara said...

Dude! Plank to side plank is HARD!!! WTG on your achievements and good luck with your future goals. You can do it!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

I don't know anything about planks, but you are inspiring! I was watching a show about Mike Huckabee the other day who lost over 100 lbs while he was governor and he says no one is too busy to exercise. You just have to want it bad enough. I must not want it bad enough :-) It's also hard to stick to a strict food plan - that's my downfall.

I know you CAN DO IT!!! That 5K is yours!!

Mary Kate said...

Yes you can do it!

Make exercise fun and not a chore...then you will *learn* to love it and your body will crave it! Go ahead a sign up for that 5K! It will give you something to work for....even if you walk some of it you will get a cool T-shirt!!

I signed up for a 5K last first shot at running....I ran 12 minute pitiful! And you know what...I ran today 11 minute miles! ha! I haven't improved but don't care! I am not too focused on my time but how I feel. It gets easier! I bet you will be running a 10K by this time next year!

Rebecca said...

Thanks everyone!! Yesterday was supposed to be my first "running" day but wouldn't you know it I got sick (which I found out today was strep throat) so I just couldn't even move much less run.

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