Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Score One for the Momma (and the Daddy)!

It never fails to thrill me to the highest height when I realize that the things I am teaching the boys are actually getting through. It's sinking in. Sometimes, I realize that all of that talking, and sending to their rooms, and timeouts, and the occasional spanking, and praising the heck out of good behavior is actually making an impact. Those are the days that I smile and remember that my goal in all of this is to turn these crazy little boys into good, functional grownups. I can't even fathom my kids as adults. I go to stores and see boys in their teens and think WHAT will I do when these little guys are taller than me and won't want to hold my hand while walking into the school, much less get a kiss goodbye. When I can't monitor their playdates and be there to correct their errors. What will I do when they are BIG and making their own decisions for REAL? It's scary.

Yesterday, I had a moment of AHA! They are getting it! When another mom overheard Mark say to her son "I can't LIE to my mom anymore." The friend said "Why?" Mark said "Because she always KNOWS and I get in TROUBLE."

I fear for the day that I don't always know when one of the boys are lying. Right now it's pretty obvious because they aren't GOOD at lying. I just hope that he keeps believing that his Momma is all knowing. It may help me in the future. In the meantime, I am so ecstatic that he knows he shouldn't lie. Now I just need to get him to tell the truth because it is the RIGHT thing to do, and not merely to stay out of trouble. I think we will get there.

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